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Birthday Parties Related Questions

Q: Is there a carpark for guests? What about for unloading/loading?

Public Parking (including unloading/loading) is available at The Yards Carpark -

Q: Will there be health checks for guests?

Yes, visual checks including taking of temperature will be done for all children entering Little Forest. For the benefit of all guests, please advise guests not to attend if they are unwell.

Q: Must all guests wear socks?

Yes, socks are mandatory for all guests (adults and children) to make sure our space is clean for all ages, especially crawlers.

Guests without socks will be required to purchase a pair from Little Forest (subject to availability). All guests without socks will be turned away.

Q: I am downstairs but nobody is here to open the door.

Little Forest is located on the second level, do take the stairs at the sides of the building to get to level 2. No access through All Hands Together.

Q: There is no elevators? Can I bring my stroller up and into Little Forest?

There are no elevators at our building, access is only via the staircase. Strollers can be parked at level 1 next to the staircases, or be brought up and parked outside of Little Forest. If strollers are needed to be brought in to Little Forest for infants, please be informed that we will require the wheels to be wiped and sanitised right before entering. 

Q: Are there baby-friendly facilities within Little Forest?

We have a diaper changing table located within the unisex toilet at Little Forest. 

We do not have a dedicated nursing room, but feel free to approach our staff if the classrooms are available for use. 

Hot and cold water dispenser is also available.

Q: How many guests can you accommodate?

Our birthday packages are dedicated to 20 children, 20 seats will be provided for participating children. All other guests are welcome to stay on in the play space. Socks are mandatory for all adults and children.

Q: My guest accidentally broke Little Forest's property, do I have to pay for the damages?

Yes, party host will be liable for all damages caused by party guests. 

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