Creative Mandarin

Goals of Creative Mandarin

Develop interest for the language, encourage the use and promote familiarity of the language.

Gain familiarity of the unique characters of the language through play and stories.

Enhance social and cognitive skills through social settings in conversations and play.

Our Creative Mandarin Classes

Mini Mandarin Playgroup

Created for children 2 years and below, immerse your littlest ones in the wonderful world of the Chinese language through fun creative games, crafts, sensory play and interactive storytelling. 


Mini Mandarin Playgroup is a parent-accompanied programme for children 6 months to 18 months old.


Bilingual Playgroup is an independent programme for children from 19 months to 35 months old.


Choose from 1-class a week or 2-classes a week. More information about our Mandarin and Bilingual Playgroups here: 

Bilingual Playgroup

Our popular Bilingual Programme is designed for children aged 18 months to 3 years old. Perfect age to introduce multiple languages to the little ones by incorporating artistic handicrafts, music and movement, motor skills and sensory play!

Our bilingual programme is unique as both English and Mandarin curriculums are intertwined instead of being a two separate curriculum to ensure that the little ones fully understand both languages and their literacy.


2021 Term 2 Schedule

Mini Mandarins

Ages 6 to 18 months


Bilingual Playgroup

Ages 19 to 35 months

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