Our Mission

At Little Forest, we’re committed to providing a supportive environment which fosters positive free expression where every young person can easily realise their creative potential. We motivate, inspire and encourage them to take risks, challenge their everyday thinking and take ownership of their choices. Every child’s creative potential is limitless.

Our Beliefs

Every Child is Creative

Little Forest believes that the creative potential of every child is not predetermined at birth. In a supportive environment, every child's creative potential can be fostered for it to flourish.


​We move away from the conventional teaching approach where most children are content with being a problem solver using their convergent, cognition thinking skills. We want our children to learn to innovate, be secure with doing things differently; to seek multiple possibilities and solutions and not just conform to a single solution. Here, our children actively put their lateral thinking skills into use and are encouraged to take risks and challenge their thinking. 


Our creative curriculum emphasises the children's intellectual curiosity, allowing children to be creative by encouraging, stimulating children's imagination and providing opportunities for exploration and expression.

Meet Our Family

Aiting Chee


Aiting is a dancer by heart from the age of 7, she was trained in various dance styles from Ballet, Chinese Dance, Pole Dance to Contemporary. 

She carried on her passion throughout her educational years, and culminated in performing in the NUS ensemble as Dance Captain. Aiting joined the Civil Service right after she graduated from National University of Singapore and for the next 6 years, she spent most of her free time pole-dancing and performing for NUS Dance Ensemble on top of her full time job. 

Finally in 2016, Aiting left her job to be a stay-home-mom so she could spend quality time with her first-born. After 4 years and 2 children as a stay-home mom handling 2 young children, this experience gave her new perspectives, new-found courage and passion for early childhood education. 


Thereafter, she founded Little Forest, hoping to provide plenty of opportunities to expose little ones to dance, drama, music and sports from a young age. She strongly believes that rather than focusing purely on academics, we should aim to help children realise their talents and creative potential and in turn, provide them with a holistic development.

Esther Chin


Esther grew up in a humble fishing village - Mersing, Malaysia. Esther was fortunate to spend her schooling days in Wellington, New Zealand as her family migrated there. After graduating with a Bachelor

of Arts in Chinese & Japanese at the age of 19, she went back to Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia to work as a Marketing Manager and eventually settling down in Singapore as a Financial Consultant.


After the birth of her first child, Esther decided to raise her son as a full time stay-at-home mother for 3 years. She believes that giving him her utmost attention during his early childhood to develop his creativity and skills is important. 


Applying her previous experiences and exposure to different learning cultures during her childhood, Esther believes and emphasises the importance of learning through play and allowing her son to express his own views and thoughts. 


She hopes to bring this same belief to Little Forest with the vision to nurture all children to bring out their own talent and creativity.

Kamini Asokan

Assistant Centre Manager / Creative Educator

Kamini started her passion for teaching back in 2009 and has taught children from 18 months to 6 years old in many notable Preschool centres.

In that time, she has created some amazing learning spaces for students. She is familiar with various teaching approaches such as Montessori Method, Play-based approaches etc. Kamini is recognized for her ability to develop and implement activities that improve student’s creativity.

Kamini graduated with International Diploma in Montessori method of Education (18 mths - 6 yrs) and holds a Specialist diploma in Child psychology. Aside from teaching pre-schoolers, Kamini is also a certified Freelance Fitness Trainer and a certified Zumba Instructor. She loves conducting fitness bootcamps and has trained people with various fitness abilities . 

She believes when children are young, they are learning sponges. Every new experience, every word they learn, every behaviour is an investment in a more fruitful future.  Kamini strongly believes that creativity involves breaking out of established patterns in order to look things in a different way. 

Siti Maznah

Creative Educator

Born and raised in Singapore, Siti is an all-rounded performer, professionally trained in acting, singing and dancing. Her passion for performing began after secondary school, and she has been working  since

to make her

dream a reality.

Siti holds a Diploma in Theatre (with Distinction) from Nanyang Academy of Fine Arts (NAFA) 2013, and an honours degree in Musical Theatre from LASALLE College of the Arts, 2016. She has worked with local and international companies. Her credits include Mat Champion (Teater Ekamatra), Alkesah (Esplanade Co), Peppa Pig (Millennium Entertainment International), A Peter Rabbit Tale (Singapore Repertory Theatre’s The Little Company), RENT (Pangdemonium), Emily The Musical (Musical Theatre Limited) and Fences (OperaViva).


In 2012, Siti became an educator and she has since taught a wide variety of performing arts such as Acting, Musical Theatre, Singing, Creative Dance, Ballet, Tap, Jazz, Hip Hop and Acrobatics. Siti is also a licenced Zumba® Fitness Instructor. Her motto is "Don't think, just sweat!"

Natalyn Goh

Creative Educator

Natalyn found her passion for dance from the tender age of 3. Under the guidance Ms Sandra Ho, she has completed the Royal Academy of Dance Syllabus and has continued to pursue other genres of dance. 

Over the past 15 years, Natalyn has trained under notable instructors such as Zaki Ahmad and Zaini Mohammed Tahir for jazz, street jazz, hip hop, contemporary and ethnical dance forms. She has also participated in many performances for National University of Singapore (NUS) Dance Ensemble, both locally and overseas, and commercial work in theatre productions like “National Broadway Company”, and Mediacorp Countdown Shows, President Star Charity and many others. With her interest in performing arts, Natalyn has continued striving to improve herself, learning Aerial Silks & Hoop and has taken a teachers course on Bungee Workout in its headquarters in Thailand. 


Being a stay at home mother, she believes that nurturing children begins from nature and exploration. There is a vast importance in the creative mind of children, and tapping on that creativity for movements and expressions will enable children to build their confidence.

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