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little forest mission

Our Mission

At Little Forest, we’re committed to providing a supportive environment which fosters positive free expression where every young person can easily realise their creative potential. We motivate, inspire and encourage them to take risks, challenge their everyday thinking and take ownership of their choices. Every child’s creative potential is limitless.

little forest beliefs

Our Beliefs

Every Child is Creative

Little Forest believes that the creative potential of every child is not predetermined at birth. In a supportive environment, every child's creative potential can be fostered for it to flourish.


​We move away from the conventional teaching approach where most children are content with being a problem solver using their convergent, cognition thinking skills. We want our children to learn to innovate, be secure with doing things differently; to seek multiple possibilities and solutions and not just conform to a single solution. Here, our children actively put their lateral thinking skills into use and are encouraged to take risks and challenge their thinking. 


Our creative curriculum emphasises the children's intellectual curiosity, allowing children to be creative by encouraging, stimulating children's imagination and providing opportunities for exploration and expression.

little forest team

Meet Our Family

Little Forest Founder

Ms Ting


Aiting is a dancer by heart from the age of 7, she was trained in various dance styles from Ballet, Chinese Dance, Pole Dance to Contemporary. 

Aiting carried on her passion throughout her educational years, and culminated in performing in the NUS Dance Ensemble as Dance Captain. She joined the Civil Service right after she graduated from National University of Singapore and for the next 6 years, she spent most of her time pole-dancing and performing. 

In 2016, Aiting left her job to be a full time stay-at-home mom. After 4 years and 2 children this experience gave her new perspectives and a new found passion for early childhood education. Therefore, she founded Little Forest.


Aiting hopes to provide plenty of opportunities to expose little ones to dance, drama, music and sports from a young age. She aims to help children realise their talents and creative potential and in turn, provide them with a holistic development - every child's creative potential is limitless!

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