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Creative Sports

what is creative sports

What is Creative Sports

Participating in sports helps children explore and develop skills which are beneficial throughout their lives.

Through our Creative Sports programme, children are exposed to various mental, social, emotional, physical and educational benefits such as developing their self-esteem, social skills and discipline as well as helping them understand the concept of teamwork and learning how to accept defeat gracefully at times.

goals of creative sports

Goals of Creative Sports

Boosts motor skills and agility.

Boosts motor skills and agility.

Develop auditory skills

Develop auditory skills such as discriminating between sounds and developing the ear for the music of words used during training.

brain development

Speeds up brain development and develop the fine art of eye-hand coordination.

love for sports

Instil the love for sports in children.

imaginative play

Engage children in imaginative play through arts and crafts and other fun activities.


Promotes good sportsmanship and develop the understanding of teamwork.

creative sports classes

Our Creative Sports Classes


Ages 12 months to 3 years

Get ready for an adventure like no other as Kidmando arrives at Little Forest! We believe that nothing beats the joys of outdoor play, and that's why we're teaming up with Kidmando to offer exciting obstacle courses and skill-building activities for the little ones aged 1-2.

For the 2-3 year-olds, we'll be turning up the fun and energy with high-energy games that will help them develop their Fundamental Movement Skills such as throwing, catching, kicking, balancing, coordinating, and running. All while they soak in the benefits of being in the great outdoors.

This is an outdoor programme.

Introductory Trial Class: $30/child

Ages 2 & 3

Friday 24 March | 4pm to 5pm

Contact Us to Book

Term 2 | 8 weeks | 24 March to 12 May

(excluding PH - 7 Apr)


Walkers up to 2 years old



Ages 2 & 3 years old

THU | 10AM

The multi-sports programme by ActiveKiddieSG focuses on developing the young ones through nurturing their curiosity, to help develop efficient learning in both sports and life skills.


ActiveKiddieSG put emphasis on the development of Fundamental Movement Skills (FMS) through various sports such as soccer, rugby, tennis, athletics and many more over a period of one year.


This programme aims to promote an active sporting lifestyle from the early stages of life and it comes as a package of sports & life skills which will bring benefit to the children.


ActiveKiddieSG supports zero injury/accident policy and the team of coaches are engaging individuals who have the passion & love for children. With a low coach-child ratio, the children’s needs and happiness will be assured.

Multi Sports
Ages 3 to 12 years

Introductory Trial Class: FREE

Multi-Sports (FUNdamental)

Ages 3 to 6 years

Saturday 25 March | 8.30am to 9.30am

Multi-Sports (REVolution)

Ages 7 to 12 years

Saturday 25 March | 9.30am to 91030am

Contact Us to Book
ActiveKiddieSG Multi Sports
Multi Sports

Term 2 | 10 weeks | 20 March to 28 May 



Ages 3 to 6

SAT | 8.30AM



Ages 7 to 12

SAT | 9.30AM
Jumping Kids
Jumping Kids
Ages 5 to 12 years

The Jumping Kids trial class opens your child to the world of rebounding that is intuitively fun, safe, rewarding and helps support healthy growth and development.


They learn coordination, tempo, balance, and musicality while burning off excess energy, building stamina, and strengthening their muscles. Enroll your child for a trial session today!

Learn more about the benefits of Jumping Fitness here

Jumping Kids

Term 2 | 8 weeks | 20 March to 14 May 

Jumping Kids

Ages 5 to 12 years

TUE | 2.30PM
SAT | 1.45PM


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