little forest mission


Our playgroup programmes focus on the holistic development of our infants and young toddlers by combining the various programmes in Little Forest but specially curated just for the littlest ones. 

The playgroup programme provides exposure to the various elements from music, to movement and sensory play through visual, auditory and kinaesthetic learning approaches which are vital to their social and emotional development.

Mini Troopers

The 1.5h Mini Troopers and Mini Mandarin programme comprises of the following activities:

Music & Movement


Art & Craft

Sensory Play

Snack Time 

Adult-accompanied Playgroups for children 6 to 18  months old

Mini Troopers Playgroup (English)

Mini Mandarin Playgroup (Chinese)

Independent Playgroups for children 18 to 35 months old

Forest Trooper Playgroup

Optional* Adult-accompanied Playgroup for children

18 months to 4 years old

Super Troopers Playgroup

Mini Mandarin
little forest mission

Super Troopers Playgroup

Super Troopers

For children from ages 18 months to 4 years old, Super Troopers introduces nature-based education and incorporates S.T.E.A.M learning into our curriculum through simple science discoveries & experiments.


Beneficial for children's personal and cognitive development, guided hands-on projects also help to enhance children's creative and analytical thinking which also help to develop their sensory awareness and motor skills.

Compulsory adult-accompanied for children 18 to 24 months.

Optional adult-accompanied for children above 2 years old.

Super Troopers Playgroup

Ages 2 to 5 years old

MON | 3.30 PM
WED | 3.30 PM
SAT | 9 AM
SUN | 10.30 AM