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what is creative dance

2023 June
Holiday Programmes

What's on for the holidays?

June Holiday 2023 (2).png
June Holidays 2023 (2).png
what is creative dance

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Troopers Playdate

This programme offers a range of activities such as culinary, farming, arts & crafts, music & movement, and more to help your child learn, grow, and have fun. Join us for a well-rounded and unforgettable experience that will inspire creativity, promote physical activity, and build lifelong skills and friendships.

Week 1: 5 - 8 June 
Week 2: 12 - 15 June

Morning Session: 9:00 AM - 12:00 PM or
Afternoon Session: 2:00 PM - 5:00 PM

Drop-off Programme: 2 - 6 years old


Sports Camp

Join us for an action-packed week of fun and fitness at our multi-sports camp! Designed for kids and teens of all skill levels and interests, our camp offers a wide range of sports and activities to keep everyone engaged and energized.

Week 1: 5 - 8 June 
Week 2: 12 - 15 June

2:00 PM - 5:00 PM

Adult-accompanied Programme: 6 - 12 years old

Baby Day Out

An outdoor programme designed for babies aged 6-12 months with activities such as sensory play, music and movement, and outdoor activities. The programme promotes the baby's development and learning while providing a fun and safe environment for both the baby and the parents.

5 & 12 June : 9:30 AM

10 & 18 June: 4:00 PM

Adult-accompanied programme: 6 to 12 months old


Messy Bubs

Explore messy sensory play with crafts and music outdoors! Messy Bubs is a great semi structured programme that always ends with a nice waterplay sensory.

8 & 15 June : 9:30 AM

11 & 17 June : 4:00 PM

Adult-accompanied programme: 12 to 36 months old


Mini Troopers

A fun programme with music, art, and sensory play to boost their development. Engage your little one with stimulating activities and help them learn and grow in a playful environment.

7 & 14 June: 9:30 AM

11 June: 1:00 PM

17 June: 3:00 PM

Adult-accompanied programme: 6 to 18 months old


Mini Mandarin

Give your baby a head start with Mini Mandarin with fun activities like music, art, and sensory play to boost their cognitive and language development. It's a playful way to bond with your baby and give them a foundation for future language learning.

6 & 13 June: 9:30 AM

10 June: 3:00 PM

18 June: 1:00 PM

Adult-accompanied programme: 6 to 18 months old


Super Troopers

This programme promotes critical thinking, creativity, and curiosity through hands-on activities. Children engage in science, technology, engineering, arts, and math-based learning, setting them on a path towards academic success and lifelong learning.

11 June: 9:00 AM

17 June: 9:00 AM

Adult-accompanied programme: 18 to 36 months


Super Mandarin

Learn Mandarin through play-based activities which incorporates S.T.E.A.M. learning (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, Mathematics) into our curriculum through simple science discoveries & experiments.

18 June: 9:00 AM

Adult-accompanied (Optional) programme: 18 to 36 months

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