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Watch this space for our next Holiday Adventure in December!

June Holiday Forest Adventure

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This June holiday camp, we are venturing into two different worlds! Come explore The Prehistoric Era & Outer Space with some

Song & Dance, Science Experiments, Outdoor Discovery,

Fun Games & Yummy Culinary!

Week 1: 7 to 10 June

Week 2: 14 to 17 June

Week 3: 21 to 24 June

9am to 11.30am

Price: $300/week

Independent programme for children 2 to 6 years old.


what is creative dance

Events & Workshops

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Paediatric Eye Care Talk.png

"Your Child's Eyes"

Paediatric Eye Care Talk

by Maria Goh & Dr Lim JY

26 June

Price: $10 (1 parent-child pair)

Includes eye check for your child

(For ages 3 to 7 years old)

Eye checks include:

Visual Acuity,

Extra-ocular movement,


Red reflex,

3D vision via Frisby

An informative talk about all the basics that you need to know about your child’s eyes! Understand the way the eye works, detect if your child is having visual problems and how to protect your child’s eyes. At the end of the talk, participants will learn practical vision tips, uncover the truth behind common popular topics such as “Does eating carrots or blueberries and looking at green colour help in promoting better vision in children? Are blue blocker lens better for children?” and also attain the ability to understand common eye terms and even decipher the spectacle prescription.