Creative Sports

What is Creative Sports

Participating in sports helps children explore and develop skills which are beneficial throughout their lives.

Through our Creative Sports programme, children are exposed to various mental, social, emotional, physical and educational benefits such as developing their self-esteem, social skills and discipline as well as helping them understand the concept of teamwork and learning how to accept defeat gracefully at times.

Goals of Creative Sports

Boosts motor skills and agility.

Develop auditory skills such as discriminating between sounds and developing the ear for the music of words used during training.

Speeds up brain development and develop the fine art of eye-hand coordination.

Instil the love for sports in children.

Engage children in imaginative play through arts and crafts and other fun activities.

Promotes good sportsmanship and develop the understanding of teamwork.

Our Creative Sports Classes

Fun n' Fit

Designed specially for our littlest ones 2 years and below, we know how they love ball sports. ​Aimed to develop their fine and gross motor skills, little ones will be exposed to throwing, catching, rolling, jumping and tumbling and so on.


2021 Term 1

Fun n' Fit

Ages 12 to 24 months


Teddy Sports

Teddy Sports curriculum based teaching system has been developed using the Visual Auditory Kinesthetic (VAK) accelerated learning style

Applying the VAK multi-sensory learning approach to teaching has proved to be very effective, particularly for young children so when they play Teddy Soccer or Teddy Tennis, they see it, they hear it, they do it and they really get it…and they LOVE it too!

Teddy Tennis
Teddy Soccer

Tiny Teddy Tennis

Ages 2


2021 Term 1

Little Teddy Tennis

Ages 3 to 6

Little Teddy Soccer

Ages 3 to 6

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