Creative Drama

What is Creative Drama

Dramatic play develops imagination and helps children become creative thinkers, coming up with imaginative responses to questions and problems. Our Creative Drama programmes provide children with opportunities to build on and practise their vocabulary, use their imagination and learn about the structure of stories. Children take on a role and look at the world from another point of view. This helps your child to make sense of the world and express their feelings.

Goals of Creative Drama

Kindle Creativity and imagination by encouraging free thinking and the formation of innovative ideas.

Increase children's willingness to communicate thoughts and feelings.

Enhance speaking and listening skills by reading the story aloud.

Introduce and expose all three forms of Musical Theatre - singing, dancing & acting.

Develop musicality in singing, building up knowledge of rhythm, timing and how sounds are formed.

Explore and experience one’s own artistic abilities through song and dance and improve coordination.

Our Creative Drama Classes

Little Storytellers

This unique Speech & Drama class promotes language development and encourages self-expression through dramatic gestures, stories and imaginative play.

Suitable for 3-6 years, Little Storytellers will not only enhance your child's speaking, listening and reading skills, but also kindle their creativity and imagination by encouraging free thinking and formation of innovative ideas.


2021 Term 1

Little Storytellers

Ages 3 to 6

Little Stars

Reach for the stars! Let your little ones sing and dance their hearts out and dream big in our special musical theatre class.

Little Stars will introduce and expose all three forms of Musical Theatre - singing, dancing & acting. They will also build up their knowledge about music and explore one's own artistic abilities through song and dance.


2021 Term 1

Ages 3 to 6

Little Stars

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