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Creative Dance

what is creative dance

What is Creative Dance

Children might not always be able to say why they’re feeling angry, depressed, happy or frightened. But in an encouraging environment, they might be able to use activities and experiences to express these feelings.


Our Creative Dance programme is based on Contemporary dance - focusing on free movement exploration and expression. Unlike conventional dance classes, there is no fixed choreography. So together with our Educators, children will explore movement and sounds and be encouraged to discover their emotions and choreograph their own piece. Children are encouraged to take ownership of their own decision and be implored them to engage their creative thinking skills through creative dance.

goal of creative dance

Goals of Creative Dance

dance creation

Introduce and develop knowledge and appreciation for dance creation

movement expression

Develop an understanding of the body as a medium for movement expression and communication

Understand and explore the dance elements

Understand and explore the dance elements and its relations to movement communication

artistic abilities and intelligence

Explore and experience one’s own artistic abilities and intelligence as a whole

emotional and social benefits

Discover the emotional and social benefits of learning and experiencing dance and props creation as an individual/group

creative dance class

Our Creative Dance Classes

Twinkle Feet

A fun creative movement programme to explore movement with props, bringing awareness to self and others, and be in touch with their own emotions. 

Children continue to improve their motor skills by exploring various movement and develop cognition abilities by seeking and solving problems when faced with various props and learn ways to incorporate them into their movements.


Term 4

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Tiny Twinkle Feet

Ages 2 & 3

Ages 4 to 6

Little Twinkle Feet

Twinkle Feet
Groove n' Move.jpg
Groove n' Moove

A high energy class perfect for your little energetic ones! Groove to the beats and dance your hearts out. From Hip-Hop, K-Pop to Zumba, you name it, we've got it!

Children will develop an understanding of how the body moves in dance and improve their coordination and motor skills through all dance styles. They will also explore and experience one's own artistic abilities and cultivate the value of dance as a source of enjoyment and generate creative expression.

Term 4

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Groove n' Moove

Ages 4 to 6

Groove n' Moove
Mummy n' Me

Perfect for Mummies who want to keep active but your baby won't let you leave their sight - our Mummy n' Me classes promise to keep you on your toes, literally!

Unwind yourself in a safe space while strengthening, stretching and relaxing the body. In Babywearing Yoga, enjoy bonding with your littlest ones in a calm environment while working out.

Mummy n' Me.jpg

Term 4

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Babywearing Yoga

Ages 6 to 24 months


Babywearing Yoga
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